In real world of digital marketing, depending on free online marketing are not enough. Every business owners using this method for cutting down the marketing cost, but in reality still, there is not enough effort to capture the market. Even it’s free, but the prospects you want to engage are not targeted and too general. In fact, people do their copywriting in business page and facebook groups with hope the audiences to read and take action but the result is always dismal. Above all, Facebook ads are a marketing strategy for your business to reach more audience and engagement. Understanding your objective in advertising either to create awareness, ignite consideration or make the conversion to the audience. Hence, boost your sales by choosing the right marketing objective and target the right prospects on the right place and the right time through Facebook ads.

What will you apply in Facebook Ads training?

1. The Fundamental
At first, understand the current trends and benefits to businesses.

2. Page Insights
Analyse your audience interaction and future improvement.

3. Audience Insights
Research your audience demographic, location and activity based on interest in detail.

4. Ad Campaign
Best campaign and determine the right marketing objectives then the audiences’ target for your business.

5. Ad Set
Specifically setting your audience, placement, budget and schedule.

6. Ad
Choose the right online identity and creative content.

7. Ad Optimization
Manage your future ads with prospects retargeting, strategy, improvement and so on.