Still, managing customers are very challenging. Either you as a business owner, founder or entrepreneur we can manage 10-20 customers daily, entertain, and follow up until the closing is done. So, what happens if we have more than 20 customers daily? Or 100 customers daily? Generally, interested customers will start to communicate with your business through messenger or write a comment on your post. Are we ready to entertain them and without losing any sales? Above all, we need an assistant or robot to manage all queries, inventory, payment and shipping. eCommerce is a platform generally to help us handling selling online with an automated system developed and embedded for us to manage 24/7 all the time. Manage all your customers’ queries and product inventory easily with eCommerce. Why do manually? Automate your business with the auto-responder reply, payment gateway options, and even more!


What will you apply in eCommerce training?

1. The Fundamental
At first, is about eCommerce and its objectives to businesses.

2. Shop Settings
Setup your business info, shop manager, shipping and store in detail.

3. Product Management
Specifically develop your product info, description, grouping, inventory, dropship catalogue and YouTube video to enhance the conversion.

4. Webstore
Organize pages, banners, menu manager and then layout manager.

5. Facebook Integration
Manage your facebook store, facebook messenger chat, facebook autoreply, facebook pixel tracking, ads and so on.

6. Apps Integration
Integrate your webstore to Line, WhatsApp and also Skype.

7. Shop Analytics
In particular analyse your business sales, customers and products report.

8. Shop Optimization
Finally, manage your orders, customers and dashboard monitoring.