Besides, with traditional marketing, we meet people every day, face to face, talk to each other and show our products physically to them. Thus, easy to convince people with this way. But, how many people you can meet in a day or week to buy your products? How confidence you are with the people you met are really want to buy your products or not? Furthermore, it’s tense with time-consuming and energy for us with this approach. This traditional marketing or we call offline marketing still relevant in today world but the effectiveness is not good. Copywriting is a selling word we use to convince and influence prospects online to buy our products.

Online, we don’t know how the audience, either their face, body language, voice or gestures. First of all, we use copywriting to target audience and change them from prospects to customers. The way we post, target audience, timing and relation to the event or agenda are important points we need to take into account when making the copywriting.


What will you apply in Copywriting training?

1. Introduction of Copywriting
Understand the fundamentals and importance of copywriting in brief.

2. Copywriting Elements
Understand readers, aim, features and audience attributes and tips.

3. Types of Copywriting
Create your own teaser, soft sell and hard sell. The purpose of them, timing and examples then applying AIDCA formula based on the business niche.

4. Content Marketing
Difference and criteria between copywriting and content marketing in detail.

5. Content Strategy
Specifically align to business strategy, promotion schedule and ads deployment.