Google My Business

The first step to show your commitment in online business is by Google My Business which is a tool for entrepreneurs and business owners to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.

eUsahawan MDEC

eUsahawan kini kembali dengan TAWARAN EKSKLUSIF PERCUMA hanya sehingga 21 Disember 2019 sahaja dan tempat adalah terhad. Jom daftar sekarang. Tempat adalah terhad!

Digital Marketing Fundamental

Enhance your business from zero to hero by understanding and applying basic digital marketing to your business. Increase profit by going digital and prove this investment is worthy!


Online, we don’t know how the audience, either their face, body language, voice or gestures. First of all, we use copywriting to target audience and change them from prospects to customers. The way we post, target audience, timing and relation to the event or agenda are important points we need to take into account when making the copywriting.

Website Design & Development

What happens if your social media account was breakdown due to hacked or deleted by someone? First of all, the website is a saviour of your business! Furthermore, you can explain and describe your business to customers in more details by using the website compare to social media.

Google Ads

Google is one of the platforms which the audience will use to search for something in daily life. So, how to make sure your business on top of google search or in audience’ radar? In other words, the audience will search product when they want it and the potential to find yours is high with google ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a marketing strategy for your business to reach more audience and engagement. Understanding your objective in advertising either to create awareness, ignite consideration or make the conversion to the audience. Hence, boost your sales by choosing the right marketing objective and target the right prospects on the right place and the right time through Facebook ads.


eCommerce is a platform generally to help us handling selling online with an automated system developed and embedded for us to manage 24/7 all the time. Manage all your customers’ queries and product inventory easily with eCommerce. Why do manually? Automate your business with the auto-responder reply, payment gateway options, and even more!

Facebook Messenger Chatbot with ActiveChat

Facebook Messenger is a tool to makes the customer happy to deal with. They specifically can choose and buy online 24 hours without talking to humans. So, how does this ActiveChat works? ActiveChat actually likes a robot who automatically chats with a prospect who start message you through facebook page using the messenger button. She will reply accordingly with the script to what you already setting in sequence and flow!